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Word by Heart (WbH)

In this course, you will discuss, debate and meditate on weekly Scriptures from the Gospel, in order to find deeper meaning and understanding of the Bible. Through this, you will have an experience so deep that you will be able to re-tell the stories from the Gospel, word for word in your native language— as if you yourself were an actual eyewitness to the event! In doing this, you will be transformed to be more like Jesus. You will also learn storytelling skills and practice natural memory techniques - without memorizing! You will learn how to create imaginary memories and see for yourself what the eyewitnesses saw and then say what they meant - developing honest, technique-free communication that compels audience attention and understanding of the Scriptures!

Word by Heart: About Us

Participants who have completed a

Discipleship Training School

are eligible to receive

University of the Nations

course credit upon completion of the entire course. 

All others receive only local certification for the portion completed.

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Word by Heart: Welcome
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Word by Heart: FAQ

When Does The WbH Start?

Are There Tuition Fees?

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