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Bible School for the Nations (BSN)

This missions-minded Bible course gives a complete survey of the Old and New Testament while teaching the principles of biblical investigation and discovery. Initial topics include: God’s nature and character; the nature of man; sin; redemption; the cross; salvation; discipleship; and the Kingdom of God.  The course also includes a study of Greek and the history of doctrine.

Following the teaching phase of the course is the Discipling the Nations Seminar, bringing personal and missions application to the BSN Course. This seminar instructs students on strategies to use Bible study to identify underlying presuppositions in societies, for the purpose of bringing transformation to individuals and nations. The seminar provides students with an historical perspective of the church and missions, as well as the successes and failures of past movements in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Bible School for the Nations: About Us
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Participants who have completed a

Discipleship Training School

are eligible to receive

University of the Nations

course credit upon completion of the entire course. 

All others receive only local certification upon course completion.

Bible School for the Nations: Welcome
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Bible School for the Nations: FAQ

When Does The BSN Start?

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